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Silicone Glove

  • Silicone Heat Insulatiing Gloves CXST-2005 Silicone grabber

    Silicone Heat Insulatiing Gloves CXST-2005 Silicone grabber

    Silicone heat insulating gloves are a kind of gloves that can provide hand protection. They are mainly used in cooking, ovens, microwave ovens and other fields to prevent hands from being burned by high temperatures. The advantages of silicone heat insulation gloves are high temperature resistance, water resistance, grease resistance, anti-skid, etc., long service life and very good flexibility. In addition, silicone heat-insulating gloves can keep the outside of the glove cool at extremely high temperatures and reduce heat conduction, thus effectively protecting hands from heat injury. The use of silicone heat-insulating gloves can help us perform high-temperature operations such as cooking and ovens, avoid scalding our hands, and ensure work efficiency and safety. During use, we should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of gloves to ensure that the gloves can work normally under high temperature, so as to ensure the quality and safety of work.