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New & Hot Sale —Silicone Crockpot Liner

Air Fryer Silicone Liners - Food Safe Reusable Air Fryer Silicone Pot, Non-Stick Air Fryer Liners Round Oven Accessories for Air Fryer

【Reusable Silicone Material 】The air fryer liner is made of food grade silicone, BPA free, non-toxic, heat resistant up to 446°F (230°C), not easily deformed. Reusable can save you money and is better than disposable parchment.

【Unique Groove Design】The groove are designed to improve air circulation and even heat distribution, allowing residual oil and grease to flow out, making your food healthier. The thickened handle on the top is easy to grasp and more convenient to use.

【Easy to clean】This air fryer silicone pot is easy to clean, non-stick, and dishwasher safe, saving you the hassle of washing your hands and saving time after cooking.

【Widely Used】The air fryer liners reusable is a great kitchen accessory for air fryer, steamer, oven, instant pot, microwave, etc. Suitable for home baking, camping, barbeque. The perfect gift for family and friends who love to cook.

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Post time: May-17-2023