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Silicone ice cream Molds – Summer Hot sale

Chuangxin, Top 3 of the leading silicone kitchenware manufacturers in China.

As the summer season hot sale arrangement , our company is pleased to launch a range of high-quality silicone ice cream & ice tray molds. The main products in this series include silicone cake molds, silicone candy molds, silicone ice trays, and silicone chocolate molds.

Silicone ice cream mold is very popular in North and South America, Europe and Southeast Asia, and its unique and changeable design makes the ice cream molding more beautiful, and the taste is more intense. Silicone material also makes ice cream mold more safe and healthy, not limited by ingredients, whether fruit, chocolate or cream, you can easily make delicious ice cream!
This silicone ice cream mold is made of high quality food grade silicone material, which is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable. We specially designed a variety of styles to meet your display needs on different occasions, so that your ice cream is more attractive. It is also very simple to use, just pour your personally selected fresh fruit, milk and other raw materials into the silicone ice cream mold, and freeze it in the refrigerator, you can easily make delicious ice cream!
Imagine, in the hot summer, you and your family and friends sit together, tasting different shapes, smooth taste of silicone ice cream, how wonderful! In addition, the silicone ice cream mold also has the characteristics of lightweight and portable, so that you can enjoy the cold and delicious anytime and anywhere.
Now, do it! Bring home this amazing silicone ice cream mold and bring a little joy into your life! Whether it is for yourself, or for friends and family, it is an excellent choice.

In fact , Here have many design which offer in high quality . And we are silicone manufacturer and OEM /ODM project wellcome .


Post time: Apr-01-2024